Friday, June 28, 2013


Yes, you read that right. I AM ON HOLIDAYS UNTIL AUGUST! I had my exam on Wednesday morning which was the biggest anti-climax of all time. I rocked up half an hour before the exam, re-read over the few pages of notes I had made, went into the exam, saw that I had predicted two of the questions but hadn't been bothered to write practice responses for them in the two weeks I had to study,  wrote down everything that came into my head until time was up, slammed my pen down dramatically, grinned like a two year old at my friend sitting behind me, and then hopped in a car to the nearest shopping centre to get a well-deserved Boost! Oh, and this was followed by me transferring a substantial sum out of my savings account into my spending account for my quest to find the perfect pair of overalls...WHICH I FOUND! I bought a beautiful pair that I discovered hiding on the basement floor of Topshop, and nothing could stop me buying them (Not even the fact that they were DOUBLE the price of the same pair on the online store...ripped off much?). Back to the main subject of this paragraph-the end of the semester. Overall it was a fantastic semester at uni. I loved my subjects (radio, two history units and advertising), because I got to explore the practical side of radio and advertising rather than just studying theory, and learnt about two histories that I previously had known nothing about. Found myself campaigning in student elections and being published in the student magazine. Moreover, the assessments were tricky and numerous but in the end I got the last laugh, only having one tiny exam. Muahaha. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Holiday life thus far has been awesome. I spent the first two days lying in bed getting into The Newsroom, which, having been created and written by the creator of The West Wing, is on the path to being my new favourite show. Then last night I hopped on a train to the city to FINALLY see Gatsby (me and my boyfriend's first movie date after nearly a year together...shocking). Having heard a lot of bad reviews from critics and friends alike, I went in expecting the worst, especially as someone who LOVES to book. One hour and twenty minutes later I had fallen IN LOVE WITH IT! Everything about it. The Baz Luhrmann touch (yes, I did have to Google how to spell his last name), THE JEWELLERY (Daisy's diamond head piece...jewelgasm), costumes, music, the acting (every actor was the PERFECT at bringing the characters to life-Tom and Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby in particular), the scenery, and the INCLUSION OF THE LAST LINE OF THE BOOK AT THE END OF THE FILM WHICH IS MY FAVOURITE LINE OF THE WHOLE BOOK (what a meaty sentence right there). So yes, I went in expecting to hate it and ended up loving it. Don't let negative reviews put you off from seeing it because chances are you'll love it!

So now I find myself in bed writing this blog post with The Newsroom on pause. I am heading off to Broulee for a week very soon, but will be back before you know it to post indie pictures and stories about my trip.

Love you all,

P.S. I can't help but tell you about the most embarrassing typo IN THE HISTORY OF LIFE that I made in my major essay for one of my history subjects this semester (worth 60% of my overall mark-yeah, that big). I only realised it was there after getting the essay back and seeing the marker's comments about the need to proof-read my work. Brace yourself. Think of the worst typo you have ever made and then times that by a bagillion. The essay was on how prostitution was represented in art in Eighteenth-Century London. There was one essay I wrote about called Fanny Sidney. For one sentence I was talking about how one artist in particular painted a picture of her first sexual experience. Chloe's non-existant brain left out the crucial 'the' and 'Sidney' in the sentence, making the latter half of the sentence read "....painting a picture of the Fanny's first sexual experience in a sympathetic light". Dead.