Monday, July 15, 2013


SO. I was lying on my bed, half-heartedly attempting to create myself a Linkedin page whilst watching the third Harry Potter movie, when I realised that it has been YONKS since I updated my blog. I proceeded to pause the movie and leap to my broken desk chair to begin writing this post.

I got back from Broulee a week and a bit ago and it was AMAZING. We got absolutely stunning weather, consumed a diverse range of insanely delicious muffins from the Muffin Shop (if you're ever near Broulee/Mossy Point this place most DEFINITELY should be on your agenda), saw a pod of dolphins which came in so close that we could see the scars on their bodies, went on one too many sunset walks along the beach, and even discovered new places (shock horror!) like a stretch of shops in a nearby town which included an amazeballs cheese shop and a hippie store with a shop assistant that was COMPLETELY STONED! Seriously. Let's just say that it was a learning experience for my twelve year old little brother! It was a truly lovely getaway (loveliness may or may not have been enhanced by the fact that my boyfriend joined us for the last few days-finally got my long romantic walk along the beach ;) ).

Since I have been back Sydney I have been up to all sorts of things. Such things include eating lots of Gelato Messina (best gelato in Australia-just look at their website), seeing movies like Monsters University, road-tripping to Goulburn, FINALLY having breakfast at The Grounds of Alexandria (an absolutely phenomenal cafe/restaurant/farm sort of thing in Alexandria which is absolutely insane), NOT drinking coffee (yepp-you read that right), going for walks here and there, seeing people here and there, and getting excited for my one year anniversary dinner date with my boyfriend at Aria. YES. ARIA. I am so excited and will most definitely post pictures of my food here whether you like it or not!

Hope you are all enjoying life,

Chloe x