Thursday, September 26, 2013


Please excuse my (almost) month long hiatus from this amazing space that is Flower Girl-I have been busy finishing off the insanely busy last few weeks before our mid-semester break. These weeks have involved:
-Completing a video news package for one of my media units, where my friend and I had to write and film an 80 second story on something on campus. Equipped with little-to-no knowledge of how to use an industrial video camera and how to edit on Adobe Pro, this task looked like it was going to be almost impossible. Alas, it was! The first time we filmed we lost all our footage, second time re-shooting this footage we forgot to plug in the microphone, and the final attempt the lighting was a bit dodgy. Despite these challenges our final package looked pretty pro (after watching one too many Youtube tutorials on how to master Adobe Pro), and now we're moving on to tackle the next assessment-a 6 minute mini-documentary!
-Attending balls. Yepp-I've been to two already (including my Media Ball which was last night), and am heading off to ANOTHER one tonight! I've exhausted all dress options so I went shopping on Sunday and bought a cute Sportsgirl shift dress-I figured that if I'm going to be spending money on a dress, I may as well get one that I can dress up for this formal AND be able to use out on less formal occasions.
-Saving for New York City! This includes babysitting and my retail job, and trying SO hard not to spend the money on food everyday. It sounds simple but is SO DIFFICULT! Making food at home to take to uni is just a foreign concept to me.
-SRC ELECTIONS: Success! The two groups I was campaigning for, one for SRC and another Honi Soit (our student paper), BOTH got elected! Like I know it was totally just because I was wearing their campaign t-shirts but I don't wanna brag.

So I now have two weeks off to work on the mountain of assessments I have due after the mid-sem break, and try doing this thing...called..relaxing. This involves a quick but much needed trip down the coast which will be lovely-just what I need before coming back and knuckling down on study! Hope you're all doing really well and that you're enjoying this Summer-eqsue weather!