Saturday, October 12, 2013


WOW. Time really does fly when you're having fun/working your ass off!

The mid-semester break went way too fast, but I really did enjoy it while it lasted. My family and I headed to Currarong which is absolutely beautiful-I had never been there before and after the perfect days spent there I will most DEFINITELY be returning! The weather was stunning, and I spent the days there in the kyack with my little brother where we would paddle out very deep and dare each other to jump in and swim to the bottom (I'm a really mature nineteen year old). Coming back to Sydney, I was confronted with the piles of uni work that had to be done before uni went back, and somehow I managed to plough through it (this is unprecedented!).

I also found myself at last week's One Direction concert #don'tjudgeme. I bought the tickets at the last minute and headed in with my sister and a friend. #YOLO. Getting there, and seeing the ocean of twelvies, did I realise that I am officially too old to have One Direction Infection and have now moved onto the recovery stage. Overall the concert was a lot of fun, despite them seeming like they have done the concert way too many times (which they have). Nevertheless, I had trouble talking the next day which is a testimony to the fun I had at the concert (was singing louder than the twelvies). Best part was definitely the army of parents waiting outside the arena for their kidlets following the conclusion of the concert.

Following the theme of 'randomness' was my decision to go the Viking Exhibition at the Maritime Museum. After convincing my boyfriend and little brother to come with me, we turn up to the Maritime Museum to find that the exhibition is closed for the day because of the Navy Fleet Review. Classic Chloe organisation (or lack thereof). Nek minnut we're at the aquarium looking at dugongs, and not long after that were we at Pancakes on the Rocks (in Darling Harbour) eating our weight in pancakes. I should really be an event planner.

Since the mid-sem break finished, I've been working hard at uni and interning and it seems to be paying off. Assignments are getting done (and on time, may I add), and the Summer break is only three weeks away for me, due to the fact that I DO NOT HAVE ANY FINAL EXAMS. I repeat, I DO NOT HAVE ANY FINAL EXAMS! So from the 1st of November I will be setting off on what will be the best Summer holidays ever: Roadtrips, Muse, Christmas, NYE...NYC...turning 20...can't wait! Also, may I add that I got picked up by my boyfriend yesterday and taken on a mystery road trip to the most beautiful beach I've ever seen...just sayin'. #bestdateever.

Hope you are all doing splendidly.

Chloe x