Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've never understood why people do the hash-tag '#TBT' (Throw Back Thursday). It's just an excuse to post an old picture that you think you look hot in/post a destination that you've been to to make everyone jealous. This post features a non-vain #TBT post-I found an old song that my dance group did a dance to in Year 6 and since rediscovering it this morning, it has become my anthem to get me through the last week of uni for the semester/year! See it below.

My body thought it would punk me and thought it would be funny to get bronchitis and laryngitis....when I sorta kinda have EVERYTHING DUE NEXT WEEK! So, since Sunday, I have been bedridden with nothing but Pad See Ew, West-Wing and a mountain of medication. The laryngitis has also made me sound like a sheep trying to talk. However,  having this week off has been a blessing in disguise-while I was frustrated that I couldn't spend the time working and studying (I could barely lift my head up!), it was so crazy to have time to just lie in bed and not be expected anywhere-just focusing all of my energy on resting. It was really, really nice, and now I've had this time to rest and look after myself I'm ready to tackle next week! Then it's H-O-L-I-D-A-Y TIME!