Friday, November 15, 2013


So, like....I'M ACTUALLY ON HOLIDAYS! I handed in my final take-home exam ( was a bit of an anti-climax) and I couldn't be happier! I was on struggle street for the latter half of this semester, with no spare time and health issues, but I battled through it and saw it to the end (with not one extension!). Pretty proud of myself.

My first week holidays was spent working at my retail job and at the agency, where I am now working three days a week (right around the corner from Gelato Messina-hello Summer lunch breaks!). All this working means that I now have enough to purchase my over-priced plane ticket-woo! NYC seems that little bit closer now. That's if I survive Christmas in retail...there are special places in hell for some of the customers that come in the doors! I have a lot of plans for these holidays (nestled in between work of course!) and just thinking about it all reminds me HOW MUCH I LOVE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! I'm already infected with the Christmas Spirit and it's not even December (a new record). YOLO!

1. Skinny Me Tea: I was actually planning to do a mega-post on this alone but in the end I thought it would make me too angry and I'd probably punch my screen and crack it. For those who don't know what SMT is, it is pretty much a tea laxative that makes you poo your insides out and consequently lose heaps of weight super fast. The best bit is that they MARKET THEMSELVES AS SUPER HEALTHY AND NOT DANGEROUS AT ALL! So many girls have ended up in hospital (click here to read the article about it), and their Instagram account has been deactivated because it they believed it was 'promoting self harm'-which it is! Here's how they explain what their product does to you:

The problems I have with SMT are as follows:
-IT IS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL. PERIOD. Laxatives AND suppressing your hunger...sounds too healthy to be true! There is a reason why it is not available at any health stores...
-They are promoting the most distorted view of what a healthy body looks like. Go on their Facebook page and their renewed Instagram account and all they do is post images of the skinniest girls imaginable. Also, um...the name is 'SKINNY ME Tea'. 'Cause if you're not skinny you've got to lose weight, right? I find it really sad, especially since it is clearly marketed at teenage girls.
-Whenever I post negative comments on their Facebook, even just linking the article that I linked above for others to read, they DELETE MY COMMENTS! I also saw a woman post on their page saying that her daughter had just gone to emergency at hospital as a result of their product. Next day I went back onto their page and they had deleted her comment too. I also read about a girl who posted on their page saying how she ended up in hospital, and they BLOCKED HER. If they delete every single negative comment, even just me alerting others to the potential health consequences of it, how are girls supposed to know about the reality of it? You go on a product's social media page to find out more about it, and if they're only keeping the brainwashed 'YAY I'M SKINNY!' comments, then how is that offering a realistic image of the product at all? Totally misguiding anyone who goes on the page. I've reported their Facebook page a million times and it's still there-I encourage you to all do it too and hopefully we can extinguish this crappy product's (did you get that pun) social media existence and stop people being misguided!

2. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Where do I even start? The minute the pictures and videos from the latest one started appearing on my Facebook newsfeed I couldn't stop laughing. The way the models walk up the catwalk like they are God's gift to planet's kinda like...what difference are you making to the world? It's the annual convention of the vainest chicks on Earth with crappy music. Look at the video below-watch how people stand up and CLAP like it's some ground-breaking event. But please, to understand what I'm talking about please watch from 1.00 for vainness in its finest form. This chick is like a real-life Zoolander.