Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RANT and other ramblings

I saw a video the other the day that I had a huge problem with, and which really made my blood boil. A lot. It was boiling almost as hot as it does when someone mentions Skinny Me Tea (let's not go there). Many of you may have seen the video being snarkily shared by condescending adults on various social media. It's the 'Millenials in the Workplace' video (posted below), which is obviously written by middle-aged career men and women who feel threatened by their lack of skills and knowledge when it comes to technology, and who have made the hyper-generalisation that just because we are more technologically skilled means that we're all dumb. 'Cause, like, that's, like, like totally true right? We're all totally dumb and, like, not like capable of succeeding! Yes it's funny, but by the end I was just sitting there gobsmacked.The line at the end 'they're like pets that do work sometimes'. Holy Angelina Jolie. Is there anything I can punch? Luckily the Millenial's video summerizes all of my thoughts. Click here to watch it!

IN OTHER NEWS, it is offically twelve days until Christmas (A true love gave to me...already stuck in my head) and I'm finally starting to wind down. Got my uni results back and smashed it, have been working hard at my retail job and the agency and subsequently earning the cash moneys, had the agency Christmas party which consisted of us cruising around Sydney Harbour on a giant yacht while drinking champagne and swimming (sometimes at the same time), went to a friend's house for a 'Mafia' party where we played the game (best gave ever may I add-google it) until 1.30 in the morning, relaxing and SHOPPING! I'm trying super hard not to go overboard on Christmas presents in order to save for LA/NYC but I JUST LOVE BUYING PEOPLE PRESENTS! It's proving very difficult indeed.

Also...I'm kind of...sort of...GOING TO SEE MUSE AGAIN TOMORROW! Their last concert (back in 2010 I think-definitely wrote a review here on this blog) was the most amazing concert I have ever witnessed in my entire life, and I have literally talked about it to every single person I know over the past three years. Well, I am seeing them again tomorrow and I can't even sit still. Over the past few days I have been listening to the Muse setlist playlist I have made on Spotify on repeat, have been stalking Youtube videos of their Melbourne and Brisbane concerts last week, and I have worn last years' tour t-shirt so many times that it's finally starting to fade, so a new one is definitely on the cards (STOP SPENDING MONEY CHLOE YOU ARE GOING TO NYC). Then on Saturday I'm waking up bright and early for my group personal training (still sore from last week), heading to my local Christmas carols which will go OFF, and then partying hard at our street Christmas party (last year it went until 4am). Pretty solid weekend. I love holidays. And Muse. I LOVE MUSE.