Thursday, January 2, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Hope you all had a fantastical New Years Eve, have made a list of your new years resolutions that you're totally going to see through, and have enjoyed the first few days of 2014.

My New Years Eve was very well spent, minus the fact that I worked for the majority of the day. That said, I was working with my BIFFL Eleni and we had a bottle of Moet in the fridge, so it wasn't all that bad. After work, we headed to my other BIFFL Beth's house with my BF Will where we drank Moet by the pool and did some psycho dancing to Titanium.  We then headed in to the city for the midnight fireworks, and when we got there BOY was the harbour packed! But alas, we pushed and shoved all the way to the Rocks until we got to a big barricade in front of a huge stair case leading to the part with the best view of the bridge. We settled for the view we had-which was super good anyway-and the countdown started and the fireworks set off and THE FIREWORKS WERE TO DIE FOR! So was my midnight kiss (thnx Will).

Then, while the fireworks were still going, we looked at the barricade and the security guy guarding it had his back to it while talking to another security guard. We made a run for it, knocked over a bin and leaped over the barricade, running down the staircase as fast we could. Eleni was convinced they were going to taser us (who says she watches too many crime shows?), and boy was it difficult running down those steep uneven stairs in CLOGS! It was so funny though-it legit felt like we were in a movie as we ran screaming with the security people shouting after us. We made it down the stairs, ran through an alley way and then we were confronted with the most EPIC view of the fireworks EVER! It was seriously so beautiful, and the fireworks finale was breath-taking. Initially I was sad saying goodbye to 2013 as it was the best year yet, but I already know that 2014 is going to beat it. I am taking amazing subjects at uni, have my dream job and I'm not even 20, am travelling more than I ever have in one year AND am surrounded my the most awesome and encouraging people I could ask for. What's not to like?

I have a theory that how you spend New Years Day sets the tone for the year. New Years Day 2014=huge success. Brunched at Beth's house (including cinnamon scrolls), swam at Bundeena and then saw Frozen for the second time. I would like to take this opportunity to say that Frozen (epic Disney musical) is the best movie I have ever seen and I encourage you all to watch it. Seriously. Go. Now. I then finished off the day using up a whole packet of Polaroid film and fell asleep watching Pretty Woman.

I have also spent some time thinking of some New Years Resolutions for 2014:
1. Keep up the progress that I set up in semester two last year (time management/job/good uni marks)
2. Fit and healthy (I know I say this every year, but seriously this year is the year. Getting a parasitical infection this year from being careless and drinking bad water was a tad of a wakeup call...)
3. Learn how to do a Rubix Cube and on 2015 New Years Eve do it in two minutes
5. Not to buy one pair of shoes from Rubi Shoes (I have a theory that how ever many dollars you spend on one of their shoes, that's how many days they last).
6. GET MY P-PLATES! I have had my L's for almost a year and am so determined to actually drive...had only done 20 minutes until 31/12/2013 when I decided to try and drive for an hour every day! Even drove to the coffee shop today. Nearly hit a cyclist, but got my coffee #priorities.

For now, I am saving for LA/NYC which I AM LEAVING FOR IN A MONTH TODAY! Passport is done (goodbye $238 xoxo), thermals purchased (hello snow xoxo) and suitcases organised! Getting seriously excited now-I have been listening to Empire State of Mind on repeat for the past week. Not cliche or anything.

Chloe x