Saturday, February 1, 2014


Please excuse my month long absence. I have many reasons as to why I've been too busy for cyberspace for the month of Jan! Primarily the month just passed was spent house sitting an epic house on the water with an infinity pool, and working every single day of the week (including weekends) in preparation for my big USA trip that I leave for...TOMORROW AT 3PM! I am so excited because ever since uni finished for the year (at the beginning of November) I have been working non-stop saving and organising for this trip! I can finally leave and enjoy it. The flights are booked,  passport has arrived, ETSA approved and luggage packed! This paragraph has way too many exclamation marks! But I DON'T CARE 'CAUSE I AM ONE EXCITED GAL!

I had also been working super hard on my AWARD School application (if you don't know what it is give it a quickie Google). It's pretty much the kick-ass advertising course that any aspiring Don Draper wants to get into. It's super hard to get into-some people try out years in a row to get in-but I'm super happy with how my application turned out so either way trying out was a win as I can now add the ads I made into my portfolio! Speaking of advertising, the Superbowl is near (I actually get to the USA when it starts) which means...CHRISTMAS FOR ADVERTISING JUNKIES LIKE ME! My favourite ad by FAR is the Jaguar 'It's good to be bad' ad. Absolute. Top. Notch. I have watched it over fifteen times. I'll post it below!

So for now it's Bon Voyage! I'll be away until the 26th and will do a giant big fat post about my trip with way too many pictures. I'm also super excited to get back because it will only be a matter of days before uni goes back and I'm doing awesome subjects this semester. Wohoo! It has truly been an awesome holidays.


Chloe x