Saturday, April 26, 2014


So it's currently the mid-semester break-the break that university gives us that tricks us into thinking we actually get a holiday, but really set 49503 major essays due for the first day back. But this break wasn't my usual study-all-day-drink-five-litres-of-coffee-sleep-repeat week. Instead, my whole family packed up and went to an absolutely gorgeous holiday house up in Forster to celebrate my beautiful Pop's 80th Birthday. It was so lovely being able to leave my books in a pile on my desk AT HOME and leave for the beach. Because it's Autumn, I packed warm clothes and couldn't be bothered digging out my bikini when the weather was meant to be cold, so I chucked in a disgusting old brown one piece that's about three sizes too small. Well, turns out the weather decided to be beautiful for the whole four days were were there, so I wore the one pair of shorts I packed and that cozzie every day! It was such an incredibly relaxing getaway, and Easter was a lot of fun (had eaten the majority of my chocolate by about 10.30am). I've posted some snaps from my time there at the end of this post!

When I got back, my boyfriend and I somehow scabbed four tickets to see Sydney Theatre Company's new play Perplex. Yes, another hectic event that we have gone to FOR FREE (see previous post about winning three double passes to Phoenix). I brought along two friends and BOY did we have a laugh! It is the most hilariously random play I have ever seen. You should all go and see it before its run ends! You are guaranteed to laugh until your cheeks hurt.

With the mid-sem break ending on Monday, I've been trying to fit as much in as I can. Things include seeing my amazing little brother and his school marching band play in the ANZAC parade in Sydney City, seeing friends, watching the hectic Lego Movie and doing uni work in-between.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Chloe x