Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lion King and other happenings.

Howdy. Long time no speak. [Insert my usual 'uni + AWARD School + working 2-3 days a week' excuse.] Thanks for understanding. Now onto my rant.

I always thought it was just the tradies along my route to my station-both at construction sites and ones driving past-that treated girls like pieces of meat. I literally cannot walk to the station with out one of these situations:
a) Honked by two cars with disgusting guys inside who slow down as they drive past and stare out their window
b) Walk past a construction site and have a group of guys just watch as I walk past like vultures from a tree and stay stuff in seedy voices like 'nothing like a nice big banana in the morning' (no joke-that's what one of the tradies working on the house next door to me said as I walked past with a banana one morning, and then proceeded to WINK)

My sister Phoebe and I have always wondered what response they want. Like do they expect us to bow at their feet thinking 'wow this guy is so smooth i just wanna kiss him'? Do they expect us to feel flattered to be given that sort of attention? I don't know, so I guess I'll just stick to telling them they're revolting! I don't want to generalise tradies, but from my experience I have never EVER walked past a construction site without some form of interaction like the ones above.

ANYWAY. What brought this up was this absolutely hilarious ad I saw online the other day. It plays on this whole issue but reverses it so it's absolutely hilarious. Give it a view.

I also saw the Lion King last week which was absolutely brilliant. The costumes, the music, the animals walking through the audience, the dancing-it was such a spectacle! So great. Also, I hadn't seen the Lion King before so it was great seeing what the actual story is!

Chloe x