Saturday, June 19, 2010

Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett/Romance Was Born

It would take a lot to turn down an internship with the renowned John Galliano, but believe it or not, that’s what Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales had to do in order to pursue and establish their dream brand of Romance Was Born.

Romance was Born has since been seen adorning many a high-profile clients, such as the bodies of Debbie Harry, Karen O and Lilly Allen; the pages of Oyster, Yen and Dazed & Confused; and the catwalks of the Melbourne International Fashion Festival.

Career Highlights:
* In 2008 they produced a capsule collection for retail giant Sportsgirl.
* Romance Was Born won the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Designer Award in 2008. “We are bold and innovative in the way we design, so it’s good to know people can appreciate it,” Plunkett says.
* At Australian Fashion Week in 2009 they held an ocean themed collection at the Sydney Theatre Company’s wharf.
* Myf Shepherd appeared on the cover of Vogue Australia, July 2009 in their designs
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