Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 12

Day 12- How you found out about blogs and why you made one
Once upon a time, I was lounging around reading the (over-sized) pages of the Sydney Morning Herald, when I came across an article on The Satoralist. I saw that Scott Schuman (the creator) began it on a website called Blogspot. About a year later, after pondering over whether or not I should create one, I CREATED ONE! I guess I created it to express my creativity, to be able to let it out through some medium for my eyes only. After about one post I put the URL on my Facebook, being the totally unpredictable person I am (....?).

Today, inside, away from the pouring rain and with my warm morning coffee pumping through my vains, my English class finished the 2009 BBC version of Emma. Let's just say that I loved it to BITS and that Johnney Lee Miller, who played Mr. Knightly, is quite the looker (AKA = MASSIVE BABE). If one Friday afternoon you have nothing to do, and are sitting by the window staring out into nothingness, or graffiting with permanent marker on the faces on the front of the newspaper, I DEFINITELY recommend briskly walking up to Video Ezy and renting it. Full of periodical-19th Century-courtship-tight-dressed goodness. So. Good.

I also discovered the most AMAZING (x1000) website called Lookbook.nu. HOW COULD I HAVE NOT DISCOVERED IT BEFORE NOW! Basically all the fashionistas around the world create a profile and post pictures of them and their 'looks'. It's really inspiring seeing everybody's unique styles (TO COPY! Jokes). Definitely worth 5 or so minutes of your life. NOW GO AND READ A BOOK.