Saturday, September 18, 2010


Even though I am a loyal (to an extent) Sydney Swans member, I have to admit that I am SO HAPPY THAT COLLINGWOOD ARE IN THE GRANDFINAL!! AFL is SO (x100000) much better than NRL. I honestly don't understand why people like NRL: it's sooooo boring. They run for 5 metres. Tackled. Ball taken by a player of opposing team. That player then runs with the ball for 5 metres. Tackled. Repeat this process times 10000000000 and add a few trys and THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS, NRL summarized in 32 words (yes, I counted). Oh, and the AFL guys are heaps cuter. Just saying. Google Ted Richards and Dale Thomas.

Today was a lovely day. I like the word lovely. Lovely. Say it out out loud. I just realised that the word 'love' is in it. Cute. ANYWHO, back to my day. I basically spent the whole day at the cafe near my house Edmunds and Greer with various different people, including my Dad, brother, and some of my friends, which included Eleni, who is jetting off to Europe on Tuesday. YES I am jealous. Rachel and I also made a pact that we are both going to have valentines on next year's Valentines Day. Oh, and I wasted all of my pocket-money on coffee. Very wise Chloe, very wise.

I also had the life-changing epiphany that I want to buy a satchel (like the one below), and Eleni might be buying one I have my heart set on from Topshop when she's in London :D