Thursday, September 16, 2010

I could really do with an Easyway honeydew blended ice with grape jelly right now.....

Well my first day of non-exams has been of the pleasant sort. I slept in, read The Book Thief, walked to Edmunds and Greer for a coffee with money that Mum gave me, walked home in the warm sun, booked a haircut/colour (remember blue tips!?), painted my toe-nails red,listened to the Glee Empire State of Mind a million times (DON'T JUDGE MY MUSIC TASTE....I like Glee ok?), and have now nearly finished my legal oral. Snaps for Chloe. A couple of minor negative details included my logbook literally falling apart in front of my eyes, and the dogs not going FOR MORE THAN 3 MINUTES WITH OUT BARKING.
I now have nothing else to do, except clean my room which I do not want to do, and have resorted to finding pretty pictures.

You should already know by now how much I love Muse.

Ahhhh got to love cute British bands. Especially when their lead singer is George Craig.

I love Phoenix. Yeah, I said it. I love Phoenix and their cute French accents ok? Once you have heard this song you will love them too.