Monday, November 29, 2010

My 200th Post

Wow. My 200th Post?
 Dedication? Yes. Evidence that I have a life? No.
I would like to thank you for putting up with me and my rants on pointless subjects, and that you continue to bear with me as we venture into the unpredictable future, consisting of more me, rants and pretty photographs.

DAY 20: List your 3 favourite girls names, your 3 favourite boys names, and your 3 favourite pet names.
You question people are really getting desperate with your questions, aren't you? My favourite names? Geez.
For those who care:

1. Imogen
2. Celeste
3. Daisy

1. Alex
2. Harry
2. Jesse

PET NAMES: AKA what I'm calling my future dogs. Yes, I'm aware that they're all named after book characters.
1. Scout
2. Gatsby
3. Knightly

So there you have it. I hope that reading those names changed your life.