Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remember me?

Soz (yes, soz) I haven't posted in a while. Methinks I should prioritise, where year 12 homework bundles precedes blogging. I need to vent. Here we go:

1. Bruno Mars really, really pisses me off, and to be more specific, Bruno Mars' song Just The Way You Are pisses me OFF SO MUCH I could throw a brick at a trick or treater's head. Firstly, WHY OH WHY would any teenage girl swoon over a guy called BRUNO. COME ON. BRUNO!. Secondly, his lyrics are an insult to the music society- it's like my ears are being mutilated. It is as though he has filed through the cheesy hits from history and compiled them all into one fail of a song. It is as if he has tried his hardest, tried with all his might to write lyrics which he hopes makes girls swoon and roll all over him. Here are a few 'highlights' from the song:
"....Her nails, her nails....I could kiss them all day if she'd let me"
"....When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change...cause you're amazing"
OH GOOD GAWWDD. This is not only an insult to music, but an INSULT TO US WOMEN! Who does he think we are? Does he honestly think that we give a flying rainforest leaf about guys LOVING OUR NAILS. Bruno, I don't blame the 'subject' of your song for rejecting your offer of kissing her nails. Why? BECAUSE a) that is just plain creepy (unless you're Jack from Titanic or James Franco, which you're not) and b) YOUR NAME IS BRUNO.

2. I need more money. After my spending spree which I described in great detail in my previous post, Dad o dearest gave me $30 which, rather than saving it like a good girl, spent it on a vintage belt and a black furry vest. I need an intervention.

3. Indie-ness really ticks me off. What started out as calling goths/emos 'alternative and individual' has turned into a cultural movement which I can't escape. My attitudes towards people trying oh so hard to be 'indie' is well summarised by my acquaintance Phoebe: 'Indies should just....piss off'. . It's so ironic/contradicting how people (majority being teenagers) say 'I'm so alternative' and wear random clothes from the markets in a Tanzenetan rainforest, listening to bands that noone else knows with names such as Çoncrete tomatos bobbling in water(and probably don't even exist), and getting high all the time, cause, you know, that's what I do cause I'm so iinnddeehhh. WELL HONEY. So does all of the other 111666000000000000099 'Indies'. You're not individual anymore! INDIE IS MAINSTREAM. So stop trying so hard to be indie and JUST BE YOURSELF!.

4. Why can't Leonardo Di Caprio stay how he looked in Titanic? Now he looks so....old.

5. Why cant they play more Hey Monday on the radio? They are so. Good. And she's only a tiny bit older than us. My favourite song of theirs right now is Six Months. It's so cute even though it makes me depressed that IM SINGLE AND ALONNNEEEE