Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Before I answer today's question, may I say that:
I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED THAT JESSICA WATSON WON YOUNG AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR. That is revolting. What the hell does she stand for apart from the fact that if you have money and ignore warnings from your parents and society, you can do anything? It makes me so angry that she has become a role model. Hey, I'll admit that sailing around the world alone is brave, but so is running infront of a line of machine guns. Bravery does not equal role-model material. Want to know who in my opinion should have won? It should have been awarded to Jordan Rice who sacrificed his life for his brother in the floods. He represents far more courage than Jessica Watson, whose eyeballs are dollar signs....she's pathetic and makes me want to vomit.
Here are my parents' opinions on the subject after I ranted to them at the dinner table
Dad: Awarding Jessica Watson as Young Australian of the Year was an irresponsible decision due to the fact that she was obviously financially motivated.
Mum: I think that she perfectly summarizes your generation- always thinking about themselves.

Day 3: Your views on drugs and alcohol.
I'm not really a fan of drugs. I don't really like what it does to people. But it's not up to me to tell people what to do. I'm abit too high on life to need drugs anyway....I'm crazy enough with out them.

Today I:
1. Woke up in my huge new bed. It was like that scene in What A Girl Wants where she wakes up in that huge suite at her dad's mansion. If you haven't seen that movie let's just say that she wakes up and there is a HUGE grin on her face.
2. Caught the train to Central and saw the couple at my coffee place (where I go every morning before school) and she yelled out 'OH BABY I'VE MISSED YOU!'. We had a nice chat and she put a lucky charm in my coffee which she said was 'for boys'. Thanks coffee lady? (After 2 years I'm too scared to ask for her name so she shall remain being called 'Coffee Lady')
3. Got lost in Surrey Hills and had to buy credit to call friends in order to get directions. Already have run out of credit again.
4. Arrived at Belvoir St. Theatre to discover that we weren't watching a play but rather sitting in an office watching 2 plays on video. I managed to escape with Kate after 4 hours
5. Wandered around the city and bought a top, Sass&Bide bra and........
I saw it on a rack and fell in love. I tried it on, left the store, went back after an hour, tried it on again, called Mum while wearing it, went to ask if they do laybuy for that dress to find that they don't, asked if they could hold it for 2 days (they couldn't), called Mum again, Mum got Grandma to call me, I handed my phone to the sales assistant AND GRANDMA PAYED FOR IT WITH HER VISA. My life is complete. Now I don't have to worry about finding a dress. Go me.
-Black (I know alot of people wear black, but it's because it looks the best.....)
-Just above the knee
-Balero thing up the top
Although it's actually a really simple dress, it's quite hard to explain. Just take my word when I say that it's gorgeous.