Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Max is cool.

I'm at the library and I forgot to pack lunch and money for a train ticket home. Lucky I have Phoebe who paid for KFC and whom I am intending to scab money off inorder to get home. Let's hope she lends me money or it looks like I'm walking home.....
So far today I have done a little bit of 4U, opened my Ext. History file on my laptop then closed it again, read 2 pages of If On A Winter's Night A Traveller (STILL NOT FINISHED) and wrote a drama monologue. I've basically been working on this one monologue for around a month, combining a diverse variety of plays with my own writing. Sounds so sophisticated but I probably won't even end up using it.....let's hope that I do though.

Now onto the questions:
DAY 4: Your views on religion
It's funny that this was yesterday's question as at the beach yesterday my friends and I were actually talking about this. I'm not in the position to tell you what is right and what is wrong, I'm just going to say that you should believe in whatever you want to believe in!

DAY 5: A time when you thought about ending your own life
I was in the mountains in California with my family, and we had all rented snowboards and headed out to the snow. My sister and brother got on the seat infront of me on the chairlift. As my sister and brother's chair was coming in to the top of the mountain, my sister fell off, taking my brother with her. It was so embarrassing I wanted to dig a crater in the earth and have myself buried down the very bottom.

I think that everyone has those moments where you don't feel motivated and don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, for me personally, these moments are just temporary and tea and a sleep fixes everything. Obviously I wouldn't know what it's like to feel so terrible that suicide is the only escape- my life has been relatively sheltered and my outlook on life is quite positive. It just makes me so sad there's people who feel as though there is no way out and that no-one wants to help them.