Sunday, February 6, 2011

DAY 13

Day 13: A place that you'd like to move to or visit someday
I know for sure that as soon as I have the money (I.e. when I get a proper job whilst at uni), I'll travel all around Europe. Oh, and South America. I'd love to settle in Manhattan or London someday. I just love the two cities and their different city cultures.

Today I spent the entire day in my bed, except for two trips downstairs. I ate 5 cupcakes and now there are crumbs in the spine of my Legal Studies textbook. Solid effort Chloe.

-HSC Onstage
-State Library
-COFFFFEEEEEE (now that I have money from babysitting!)
-Stressing over having 3 major works
-Crying over the fact that I'm not seeing Phoenix at Good Vibrations
-Stalking my friend Clare's blog. Click here to read it!.