Friday, March 18, 2011

Letter to the future Chloe

To my dearest (mature) Chloe,
I really hope that you are genuinely happy right now.Whether you're 26, 33 or 67, I hope that you are proud of who you are and that you are everything you hoped to be (cheesy but you can't stop me from writing cheesy things because this was written a long time ago). This is your 17 year old self and I understand that life can be hard, but just keep ''swimming" (an intertextual reference from Finding Nemo. Hope you got that. If you didn't, re-watch that movie tonight). CHLOE. We're the same person so I know that you might have been distracted and have drifted away from this letter...but please come back so I can tell you some cheesy things. Make a difference. Make a change. Leave your mark in the world while you can. Every minute counts so don't dwell on regrets and mistakes- move forward and don't waste a second because life is too short to be discontent. BE HAPPY. Wear the Muse tour t-shirt from the concert you went to with Phoebe when you were 16, all those years ago. Dance crazily to Phoenix's music that you were once obsessed with and go out to the coffee shop at Central and see if the coffee couple are still there. Are you still close with your 17 year old self's best friends? If you haven't talked to them in years contact them. Go back home and spend time with Mum and Dad-make up for those moments when you chose your friends over them.
My outlook on life is so positive right now and I hope it remains that way until I die...I hope reading these words makes you reconsider where you stand right now.
Love, Chloe :D
P.S. (Because I love my P.S's) If you haven't been to Glastonbury Festival yet, after finishing reading this letter, go onto the website and book a ticket. NOW.