Friday, March 18, 2011

I heart amazing friends.

Today was so so so so so so so above average. I have definitely placed it in my mental 'awesome days' file.
Despite school being called off for year 12 today, some of the legal study girls went on an optional excursion to a conference on Justice and the Law. The only way to describe it was aaammaazziinnngg. We had the opportunity for hear Nicholas Cowdery QC speak when it was his last day as the Director of Public Prosecutions! He is such an amazing speaker and hearing him, Greg James QC and an other female lawyer (can't remember her name....oops!) speak about their roles in the legal system pretty much confirmed for me that that's the career path I want to take. In the morning tea break my friends and I were chatting with Greg James QC, and he was telling us he has even defended a monster. He has two sons who went to Trinity and are now both solicitors.....and he told us that Head of the River is just a competition between Riverview and Joeys over who can sing hymns the loudest.

After the excursion I met up with some of the girls in my group for an intense karaoke session and it turns out that they had planned a surprise birthday party. Ate so much food that when I got home vomit came into my mouth at the dinner table. Thought you would all appreciate that detail.
Sang.So.Many.Songs. My voice is now husky and I sound like a man. True story.

I'm going to write the advice in the picture below into my '101 Dreams' book from Kikki-K and into my diary. Love it. Positive energy FTW.