Friday, March 11, 2011


So I just dug out my good old journal, and it only occured to me now that I've been writting in it since I was 12. For the first time, instead of just flipping through to a new page and writing a new entry like I usually do, I took the time to actually read the journal from the very first page, to the end of my last entry. It was incredible to actually see how much I've changed since I was 12. I was actually speechless (for once in my life....). I find that writing in a journal makes you feel better about stuff that's going on- sounds stupid and simple but it's true. Just writing thoughts down on paper can make things which seem like a big deal in your head seem insignificant and kind of pathetic and petty in a way. It's also great to look at moments in your past when you felt like there wasn't really a light at the end of the tunnel, then continuing on to read later posts where everything is ok again, highlighting that things always work out and can have a happy ending. I wrote 7 pages this afternoon, writing down every last thing on my mind, and I feel like 18 bricks have been lifted off my chest. It's weird because I write down my thoughts here on my blog, but I can't write everything because I know that people who are in my thoughts read it, so I guess my blog is reserved for my more 'superficial' thoughts!

  • It occured to me last night that if Mum and Dad pay me pocket money on a weekly basis, then technically they're employing me to be their daughter and do chores. They pay me $20 a week, far below the minimum wage, thus promoting slave labour. WE'RE ALL SLAVES TO OUR PARENTS PEOPLE!!...jks....but seriously....
  • I saw my favourite person (SARCASAM) Jessica Watson on the news last night, telling us all how she's attempting to break a new record. All she's really showing to me is that she's worried that her attention is dying down. What's her new record attempt? To be an even bigger famewhore than she was before? Just when we thought we heard the last of her!
  • I was walking down a street today and someone was walking in front of me smoking, me having to walk into the smoke. Now I know this happens all the time but today it just really pissed me off. JUST BECAUSE you are stupid enough to pay $4000 a year on suicide sticks, doesn't mean THAT I WANT TO DIE TOO. I LIKE MY LIFE OK. DON'T TAKE ME DOWN WITH THE SHIP. They really need to separate the streets so that the people who don't want to die of lung cancer DON'T HAVE TO DIE OF LUNG CANCER. Enough said.
  • I love Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment. I'm a tad obsessed, and whenever I find myself not doing anything, I apply it to my lips. Cool story bro
  • GLASS HOUSE CANDLES ARE THE BOMB DIGGITY. Mum brought home the big Coconut-Lime one and it smells absolutely amazing, which is significant due to me usually hating scented candles.
  • I was such a hit at my brother's baseball game today. I started hitting a ball against a wall and by the time the game was over I had about 12 kids playing with me. Yeah I'm cool like dat.