Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am officially sick. Sick enough for me to decide to....drum roll please....
TO NOT GO TO SCHOOOOL TOMORROW. (First time I've taken a day off since year 10).
 Yeah, turns out that going out last night didn't have an all too positive effect on my health, seeing as though I was already sick. A pretty good case of 'I told you so' on Mum's behalf. Sooooo today I woke up with a chesty cough annnndd have been reveling in self-pity for the entire duration of the day. Oh, and to make my day even BETTER (note sarcasm), I ran into my modern teacher at Edmunds and Greer. AGAIN. *facepalm*

Today my 10 year old brother finally saved up enough to go out and buy an iPod Touch. It was pretty much a big wake-up call for me to start saving for America- if my little brother can save, why can't I? OH WAIT. I have a coffee addiction.
So I've come up with an action plan. Instead of having a small coffee a day, I'm limiting myself to 3 a week (a week being 7 days, not a school week), and filling in the rest with Irish Breakfast tea. So I'll be saving..yeah I don't do maths/don't have a calculator, so you work it out. HAVE FAITH IN MEE PEOPLE!
I'm off to go and lie down, revel in more self-pity.
Taa taa x
P.S. I love this soonngggg so much. I love pretty much every song by these talented people.