Sunday, July 17, 2011

I never thought I would hear my self saying this, but


Yeah, that's my cool story for the day. Haterz goin' hate, but BACH OFF (wow I'm hilarious...or maybe very overtired..I think I should go to bed soon?). 
It all began when I downloaded 'The 100 Most Essential Pieces of Classical Music' off my Dad's computer, because I thought that it would be good music to listen to for studying (It's actually scientifically proven that listening to classical music improves your focus/concentration..just sayin')...and then it happened. I fell in love........... with....... Symphony No.5 in C-Sharp Minor (NO! I'm not that weird, I didn't remember the name of the song off the top of my head, I checked the CD). It goes for a little over 12 minutes and whenever I listen to it I actually just sit there like an idiot looking out into nowhere.

So tomorrow is the last day of holidays [insert hysterical crying/sobbing/depressing music]. I'm sad that they're over, but they were good while they lasted! It feels like forever ago that I was in Broulee with Eleni and Phoebe, that I saw Harry Potter (still haven't gotten over its amazingness) and it definitely does not feel like only a week ago that Dad came home from Europe! I'm not that sad about going back to school because I've managed to work my ass off a fair bit to minimize the pressure upon school's return, as well as being able to fit in some socialising here and there. I KNOW that I say this at the end of every holidays and then by the second week back I'm ranting about things like "0mig@wdd mi lyf3333 is s0000 h@RD I h8 sKewwl!" but I'm genuinely feeling really optimistic about this coming term. I'm going to get fit and healthy again (YES I MEAN IT), deactivate my Formspring (I don't even know why I have it), SIGNIFICANTLY decrease my Facebook usage (I NEED MORAL SUPPORT), start yoga again (I don't know why I stopped), improve my time management (The last week of last term was a tad of a wake-up call, no?) and I'M NOT GOING TO BE SO INDECISIVE ABOUT THINGS. I've always been really indecisive and I don't like indecisive Chloe.
It's my last school term of actual classes (term 4 is the HSC), so after trials it's going to be really nice to just sit back and have plenty of good times with the people I love (I know I sound like a sad, emotional teenager but you're going to have to deal with it until the end of year 12). 

If I haven't bored you to death with my new-found love for classical music/emotional and pathetically optimistic words about school, then good on you! You have now done your good deed for the day. Pat yourself on your shoulder.

Loads of love,
Chloe xx

P.S. You know you're in year 12 when you find yourself google-ing videos of  'Miniture Schnauzer Puppies' as a means of avoiding school work. IT WAS WORTHWHILE PROCRASTINATION! Watch the video below (skip to around 40 seconds) and if you don't grit your teeth and naww at their cuteness, then send me your address and I'll come to your house and personally knock you out.