Friday, July 15, 2011


Just checked the statistics for page views (not that I particularly care about page views...if no one read my blog I'd still write-it's therapy)....AND WOW. LOT'S MORE READERS. HI THERE.
Here's a bit of an introduction for you:
Name: Chloe/ChlobeWan/Cloz/Clomo/Chlomeister
Age: 17
Location: Sydney, Australia
Interests: Music (particularly Muse and Two Door Cinema Club), the beach, traveling, reading, cooking packet-mix brownies, drinking too much coffee, star-watching, the male species, writing, Edmunds and Greer, being a drama kid, learning Spanish insults, Che Guevara, thinking about how I'm going to go to Glastonbury Festival one day, Harry Potter, pondering the meaning of life (I never really get anywhere apart from making my brain hurt), surfing and many other things which would probably bore you to sweet dreams.

So yah. Hi dere. I guess you'll get to know me the best and subsequently become my BFFL if you just read my blog from the first post ever (that I made about a year ago) to this one right here. Here's hoping you're not a freaky, lonely middle-aged man with a "special spot" for 17 year old Australian females.

Here's what I have to say today:

  • I'm in love with Alan Rickman despite our 48 year age gap....Mum pointed out that when I'm his age  he'll be dead. I'm happy to marry him now.
  • I'm obsessed with playing Fruit Ninja on my iPhone. I was playing it for so long last night that my eyes started going all fuzzy.
  • I personally believe that the best way to pass time on public transport is eavesdropping. On the train to the city there was a male and a female (who both looked around 26) who had been child-hood friends and hadn't seen each other since year 12 graduation. They were catching up on their lives and what they/mutual friends had done since then. It just made me hope that I keep in contact with all of my friends once school is over and that we won't drift apart like these two! The girl was saying that she moved out of home when she was 22, and when she returned home two weeks later her parents had already transformed her room into a bar! I got off the train and hopped on a bus to get to school, and I overheard an other interesting conversation (I sound like a stalker/weirdo but I had nothing better to do) that was between a brother and a sister who both looked like they were in their late 30s. The sister had just picked her brother up from hospital where he had gone with chest pains, and they hadn't talked for a while. He was telling her how he was addicted to drugs, had no money, and was recently homeless. She was giving him money to go to a home for Jewish people who are homeless, enough money to last until monday night. I really hope things work out for him!
  • I've been listening to Taylor Swift (don't judge me), and hate on me all you like, but I have to admit that some of her songs are really good to listen to, especially when studying. I really love White Horse...the lyrics + music are really cute/enjoyable.
  • I'm obsessed with Masterchef (I know you all know but I'm telling you again). THANK GAAAWWWWWWWWWWWD SUN IS GONE. I even made a Facebook group for the hilarious moment when she asked to use Hayden's deep fryer. JOIN IT! Even if you don't watch the godly show! CLICK HERE
  • When you type in 'Voldemort hugging Malfoy' on Google my blog comes up from when I wrote about it two days ago! Yiieew!