Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is, without a doubt, the longest I have gone without posting. SO OBVIOUSLY THIS PAST WEEK HAS BEEN PRETTY CRAZY..
-My trials start in 2 weeks. 'Aint gonna be much fun.
-I haven't been able to fully focus on studying for trials because of the STUPID HAMLET ASSESSMENT that the teachers decided to put on last week. I think I went OK, but it could go either way.
-I have an Extension 1 essay due on Monday which is basically on postmodernism, and we have to discuss our selected theorists in relation to our chosen texts. Oh, and the catch is that before you hand it in, you have to submit it to the website from hell, Basically you upload your document and it tells you 'How Original' it is, and you have to print out your 'Originality Report'  and staple it to the front of your paper. Out of fear, I sat down and literally wrote my entire thing off the top of my head and got 100% originality. THANK GAWWWD.
-Tomorrow night is the trial examination for my group HSC performance..we got the hard part of writing the script over with and we're meeting up today to GET PHYSICAL.

So yeah, if that's not a good enough excuse to neglect my blog for a week, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!
In other news:
-Hayden leaving Masterchef...I mean....WHHAHAHAHAHATTTT? I must admit I cried when him and Michael were saying their goodbyes...*sniff*. I checked out his website though and it's pretty impressive. Despite not even making it to the top 5, I reckon he's going to become more successful than previous winners.
-The Dalai Lama on Masterchef...biggest sell-out in my opinion...what's he going to be on next week, The Renovators? 
-It's sad that Amy Whinehouse died (It's really very sad that such an amazing talent was lost to drugs), but I honestly cannot comphrehend the tragedy that has recently unfolded in Norway. Almost 100 young lives cut's just so incredibly sad. To think many of those kids were my age and had similar hopes and dreams is just devastating.  Rest in peace.