Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So it turns out the HSC isn't too bad. I've done three exams so far, and although Drama was a bit "Why did they go out of their way to produce a bad question", the others haven't been too bad! They weren't easy, but they were do-able. The Hamlet question was a bit awkward seeing as though I couldn't remember much of the END of the play (which is what the question was on....), but now it's over I can't do anything about it so I'm not going to worry about it! So glad/relieved that English is over-forcefully chucking all my notes in the recycling bin in the common room was QUITE liberating to say the least.  Oh, and I'm going to be in an article next week with some of my friends about high-school students who dropped maths and science for the HSC! We even had our photo taken (cue awkward pretend conversation).

Things I have discovered in the past few days:
-I need to get out and go for runs/get fit, I've COMPLETELY lost balance and I need to restore it! ASAP!
-My love for Cinnamon scrolls from a new bakery near my house. TO DIE FOR.
-Enrique Inglesias: He's a singer (you all probably know of him), who during one of his songs he performs at his concert, invites a fan girl on stage and serenades her. You're probably thinking "WHAT IS SO COOL ABOUT THAT!?". Hmmmm well maybe the fact that at the end of the song HE KISSES THE FAN GIRL. LIKE HOOKS UP WITH HER. Why can't any of the bands/singers that I love do that! So not fair.
-I really, really, really want to see the movie Midnight in Paris once my exams are over (yes, I know it sounds like the name of Paris Hilton's sex tape). It got the most AMAZING review in the Sydney Morning Herald, and after watching the trailer I've officially decided that it's my movie to see after the HSC. Here's the trailer!