Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things you learn from babysitting

When I was babysitting a 3 year old on Saturday (I babysit her every week), it was raining so we spent the majority of the time watching movies/TV. The things you can take away from children shows/movies are quite valuable.
1. When watching Bananas in Pajamas, I began to write a response to the episode in relation to my English topic "Belonging", as practice for the HSC. Here is my response. Oohhhh I make my self laugh.
In the Bananas and Pajama's episode "Collecting", B1 and B2 wish to fulfill their desire of playing with Rat in the Hat and Lulu, however both characters are preoccupied with their 'collections'. B1 and B2 feel ostracised from their friends due to the fact that neither banana has a collection, such a feeling of isolation and the subsequent pressure to conform manifested in B1's statement that "Everyone has collections so we want one too!". B1 and B2 struggle to conform to societal expectations as they try and fail to collect various items in the hope of achieving the satisfaction that 'collecting' is seen to achieve. Upon recognising the hardships the two bananas are experiencing in their battle to conform and their need to retain a sense of self identity, Lulu comforts them, stating that "You shouldn't do it because everyone else does it!". Thus the bananas realise that the rejection of the collective entails personal liberation, and spend the rest of the day playing happily with Lulu and Rat in the Hat.
Hahahahaha oh dear. I should really get a life. 
2. In the movie 'Robots' (which I think I enjoyed more than the 3 year old), the main character strives by the belief "See a need, fill a need". I think that that really resonates with me, in regards to thinking about what I want to do with my life. Making the world a better place for someone/people. I LOVE CHILDREN'S MOVIES <3 (Yeah, I'm pathetic. Wot 0f it)
3. In Ice Age (we watched number one, the sequel, then number one again), the sloth, Sid, says to the mammoth "My friend, you've got to let go of your past if you want a better future". HOW GOOD IS THAT QUOTE! I should really spend more time watching children's movies.
4. We watched the show Yo-Gabba-Gabba, and IT'S SO GOOD! It's like a really funky childrens show. Here is a song which was on the episode that we watched, and it was so catchy I found myself singing it the next day. Skip to 38 seconds!