Monday, January 30, 2012

Bored. Ennuyé. Gelangweilt. Leamh.

I have something I would like to say. I AM SO BORED. I am so incredibly bored that for the title of this post I wrote the word 'Bored' in English, French, German and Irish. I am so bored that I have spent two hours cleaning the house because there is nothing else to do. I am so bored that I sat on my bed playing Temple Run for an unhealthily long amount of time (so long that when I looked up it looked like my walls were melting). I am so bored that I attempted to COOK MY OWN LUNCH ......which failed because I couldn't work out how to turn the oven on.

-I'm starting up a proper Twitter. I shall keep you informed....muahahahahahaha
-For the next week, in each post I'm going to write about one of the things on CHLOE'S EPIC BUCKET LIST. I've already posted about free diving with killer whales (which has already kind of failed because my Dad, who is a marine scientist, said that they'd just come up and eat me. Fun.), but the other tasks on my bucket list are just as insanely awesome. 
-TOUGH MUDDER IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA. I am still pondering about whether I should give it a shot just for laughs. Painful, painful here to see the promo!  Basically it's a kind of obstacle endurance course that was designed by the British Special Forces. I am so unfit that I'd probably die somewhere along the way...perhaps I should first try running down my street and back without my legs cramping?
-Ed Sheeran has a girlfriend. Same age as me. Pretty blonde Scottish singer and model. #foreveralone
-I AM OFFICIALLY 18...IN LESS THAT A MONTH! I am currently deciding whether to have a party or not. I'm thinking I'll probably just go out for drinks with a few close friends AND DEN HIT UP DA CLUBS BRAH. In reality, I'm not that much of a party animal so you'll probably find myself freshly 18 and in my bed watching The Holiday, drooling over Jude Law in said movie, and eating defrosted wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. 
-Dad has been telling me some funny/creepy stories from when he was my age. One which made me get goosebumps was when he was 18, and him and his friends were chased by a violent alcoholic drunk through A GRAVEYARD in a THUNDERSTORM. The guy had already punched one of my Dad's friends, and was now coming after Dad. Luckily Dad escaped and took shelter in a nearby caravan park!
-Tá mé chomh leamh go bhfuil mé scríobh as Gaeilge ar mo bhlag sin dont mé dul ar ais go dtí mo boredom!
-I am now off to return to my boredom. What should I do? Making up my own language sounds pretty promising...

Until tomorrow,
Chloe X