Saturday, January 28, 2012


Please forgive me for not posting in almost a week! As usual, my iPhone 'notes' has been filled up with things to write on here, so prepare for a mega post tomorrow...
While you wait for my wonderous words which your eyes will wander across tomorrow, I suggest that you watch the video below. Actually, I DEMAND that you watch it. You're probably thinking "Ummm...why is Chloe forcing me to watch some random BBC clip off Youtube...I'm never reading this blog again...g00dby33 4evs The reason as to why I wish you to watch the video below is that the subject of the video is OFFICIALLY NUMBER ONE ON MY BUCKET LIST. I've always had a fascination with Killer Whales, and to free-dive with them would be an absolutely life-making experience (hence it's number one on my bucket list!). All I need now is:
a)Money to actually get there and do it
b)A dare devil friend to do it with me