Saturday, January 7, 2012

Geewwd day.

Today was (surprisingly) quite productive! I met up with an old friend for brunch who I haven't seen in yonks, and then went to the Paddington markets with Mum and continued to spend the rest of the day in that area. I visited lots of nice boutiques (which wasn't all good news because I spent the rest of my money. Hello 'broke student life').

Now prepare your self for 'CHLOE'S FIRST RANT OF 2012'.
Subject: 'My Family' stickers.
Rant: If you haven't seen these stickers plastered all over the back of cars then you either need to get your eyesight checked, or you are living under a rock. A really large rock. These stickers are invading Earth and they really need to disappear. Fast. To people who are guilty of owning these stickers, may I ask you-WHY DO YOU THINK STRANGERS WALKING PAST YOUR CAR CARE HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN YOUR FAMILY? THAT DAD OWNS A DRILL? DO YOU THINK WE CARE HOW MANY PETS YOU HAVE? I honestly don't understand the point of them! If  someone was about to break into your car and then saw that you have a son who plays soccer and a cat, are they supposed to think to themselves "Wow. Now that I have seen these stickers and have learnt about their family, I'm going to walk away and build myself a new life. I now see life differently. Thankyou My Family stickers". Not only are they pointless, but they are also sexist! Every car I have seen has the mother in an apron and the Dad working up the BBQ. What if the Dad has a passion for shopping? What if the Mum loves power tools? There really should be fines for ownership of these stickers.