Sunday, January 22, 2012


So I know this is a bit delayed, but....I GOT INTO MY UNI COURSE! I didn't want to publish it on here before I knew that I had been accepted, so now I can finally let you guys know! Starting in March, I'll be studying Media/Communications at the University of Sydney. I also have the opportunity to study three other arts subjects, so at this point in time I'm hoping to study History, Government and International Relations, and either Ancient History, Archaeology or Art History. You're probably thinking " you're not doing law? You've just talked about doing it for the past two years! YOU ARE SO RANDOM". The answer to that is that I pretty much had a change of heart. I realised that as much as I am intrigued by the idea of studying and practicing as a lawyer, I'm not passionate enough to actually be competitive and get somewhere really great in my career. I've always had a passion for writing and all things media-related, and it was only when I was sitting in the media lecture on the USyd info day that I realised that Media/Comm is my dream course. I don't exactly know what area of the media I'm going to specialise in yet, and that's why I love the degree that I'm doing-because I get a taste of everything. Oh, and I get to do an internship in the 4th year of my degree (you can do it anywhere in the world), so I'm determined to do mine in London! Bring on Londontown.

-One of my oldest friends called Andrea has moved to Germany for a year! She's decided to keep a blog to document her experiences (primarily through photos). Click here to check it out so far!
-I went out for THE BEST Yum-Cha this week to celebrate Chinese New Year! I honestly don't think that any type of food can taste better than steamed pork buns!
-Yesterday I found my big, proper headphones and all my music sounds ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! You can now find me walking around my house wearing massive headphones and dancing along to embarrassing music (my dance moves being just as embarrassing).
-Our family went on a day trip to the Southern Highlands today! I must say that it was one of those days which is just plain awesome. We wandered around a cute little town called Bowral drinking excellent coffee and eating magnificent strawberry tarts whilst checking out the many beautiful antique stores! Oh, and I pretty much walked into Heaven. It was a shop called Bowral Bookmen which basically sells all different kinds of really old books. There was one book which I would have bought in a second if I hadn't of already spent all of my money! It was a 'Collection of English Short Stories', and the most special part was a message from a man to his wife on the front page wishing her a Merry Christmas for 1916!
-I adore Taylor Swift's Vogue cover!