Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Everyone is hating on the rainy weather...

...and I'm sitting here wishing that it was like this every single day! I am so incredibly glad that Summer is over, and am currently embracing this refreshing cold change. The heater is on, I'm wearing (almost) as many layers as Ashley Olsen, and to top it all off I am enjoying a lovely hot coffee that my Grandma kindly dropped over knowing that I was home alone. Can this day get any better? I think not. Unless Ed Sheeran turns up at my doorstep to serenade me. Or any other British musician for that matter.

So my first week of university is drawing to a close, and I actually could not be any more happy about it. Not in the sense that I hate it and am happy that it's nearly the weekend, but rather that this week has assured me that I did make the right decision to choose the course that I did. Yesterday I had my first ever Media lecture, and the whole time I was sitting there trying to act cool when the little people inside my brain were screaming "I LOVE THIS OMG THIS IS MY DREAM COURSE PARTAYAAYY TIMEEE". I also had my first archaeology lecture, and the only way to describe it was...random? I was pretty disappointed walking in to the lecture to find that our lecturer was not Indiana Jones, but I swallowed some cement and got over it. We got a notification about our first essay which made me want to cry right there and then, but the swelling tears rested back in their ducts (nice imagery right there) after our lecturer told us that our tutorials are held underneath the University's museum (which even has a real mummy!), AND WE GET TO PUT ON GLOVES AND TOUCH THINGS! The only other downside to the lecture was that our lecturer would put up a slide and I'd begin typing it up...then BAM! The next slide would come up after I had written down three words. My notes from that lecture consist of "Civilisations...elements of a civilisation...random quote off a British academic about the word civilisation??". My sister's final lecture finished at 6pm, so instead of heading home I just sat in the quadrangle. It was raining, and I sat on a ledge looking out to the quad. It looked so incredibly beautiful in the rain that I just sat there looking like a tourist for an hour and a half. 

-I found a gorgeous little cafe in Newtown called The Bell Jar. It's absolutely tiny but insanely awesome, sells incredible coffee, plays old music and has tonnes of Frankie magazines lying around to read. I'll definitely be back there soon!
-I stumbled across this on Tumblr: "That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everyone is just carrying on with their lives as though you didn’t just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback". I couldn't stop laughing because this is EXACTLY how I felt when I finished the final Harry Potter book on the train home from school. The entire world of Harry Potter had just come to a close, and I just shut the book and looked around at all the people sitting on the train reading their newspapers and playing on their phones, oblivious to the fact that the emotional roller-coaster that is the Harry Potter series had ended for me! I love when you see something, whether it's a quote, Facebook group or anything along those lines and realise that it's not just you that feels a certain way about something! 
-Last night I was scrolling down my newsfeed, and about every second person had shared the video of 'Kony 2012'.  I support any campaign that attempts to bring a war criminal to justice/address the issue of child soldiers, but I'm just hoping that people don't just post the video and then forget about the issue- It's going to take a lot of action to capture Kony and get him to the ICC! Go on the website for Invisible Children and sign the pledge today. 
-I love how Matt Corby is getting famous! I kind of knew him back in the Australian Idol days (I versed him in handball once and got out immediately because I was so distracted buy his angelic appearance). I even went to his Australian Idol Grandfinal party. He lost. It was pretty awkward. I also have a funny story about him-We were catching a train once and he was sitting nearby, and he had written his number on his skateboard. I gave my old phone to a 14 year old family friend, and I didn't delete my contacts. I wonder if she's worked out she has Matt Corby's number...

I kind of fell in love with him after he sung this on Idol!

Now go outside and jump in some puddles!
Chloe x