Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So I kind of had my first day at University today. I woke up bright and early (the earliest I had woken up in three months), and it took an embarrassingly long time to work out what to wear. I ended up throwing on my Muse tour top, denim shorts and loafers. Why aren't I a world famous fashionista?! Move over Alexa Chung! When choosing shoes to wear, I nearly cried when I broke the zipper on my combat boots. Those combat boots and I have had a roller coaster ride of a relationship. When my friend and I went in to buy a pair of combat boots each two summers ago they were the last pair in our size, and after a lengthy (and heated) debate over who should get them, I won (you never challenge Chloe when she's focused on shopping). Fast-forward two years and those combat boots have walked pretty much to the Moon and back. I bought another pair of combat boots in LA when I was there in November but they don't have the same scruffiness as the broken ones. #firstworldproblems. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR ON MY FEET NOW?! FEMININE SHOES?? PAAHH! 

Not long after the emotional act of chucking my combat boots in the bin (and three coffees later) I was sitting in my first ever history lecture: The Middle Ages. I thought that I was going to be a complete loner in History (as it seems as though everyone and their mother is doing either Philosophy or American Studies), but then I remembered my good friend Rachel was doing it, and I stuck to her like Jessica Watson sticks to the spotlight. I may or may not have been trembling from the caffeine throughout the lecture. Whilst walking I lost the heel of my loafers. It literally fell off. Why do my shoes hate me so much? I treat them fine!  Fast forward two lectures, delicious hot chips, a large Boost (even though I only paid for a Medium ;), and I was at home. Well, I am at home. Writing this. Now. There's my day in two paragraphs.

P.S. This made me laugh. A lot. SNL skits actually make my life. Click here to watch it (excuse the crappy quality-copyright has seen all the good quality versions taken down!).
P.P.S. Is it just me or does Jessie J literally sound like she's going vocal acrobatics in her song Domino?
P.P.P.S. I've always dreamed of having a crappy day and rocking up to the airport to book the next ticket out of Sydney. Shame that coffee tends to eat all my money!