Friday, March 2, 2012

How do you spell Jessica Watson? S-E-L-L O-U-T!

So I was casually reading the Telegraph this morning (don't judge-there was no other newspaper available this morning at Edmunds and Greer), and upon reading a little article I nearly choked to death on my coffee. Just when I thought I couldn't loathe Jessica Watson anymore than I currently do, I discover that she's a contestant on the latest series of Dancing with The Stars. I think she's realised that she really can't dwell any longer/make any more money from something she did two years ago, and that it's time to find another way to battle her way into the public eye! She has published her book, ended her deal with EllĂ© Bache, had her documentary made, and won Young Australian of the Year (which only really sent out the message that with enough money you can do anything). It's pretty much universally acknowledged that when any 'celebrity' signs up for Dancing with The Stars, their career is about to slide down a really steep hill into mud. So long, Jessica Watson! I've literally just stopped laughing about this. Oh deary me.

This week was pretty intense. I had my university's O-Week (more like H2oweek-I think the weather isn't really a fan of Sydney University), which I spent signing up for societies, eating too many hot chips at the Manning to escape the foul weather, meeting up with old friends/meeting new friends, and going to some random events like speed dating which proved to be a lot of fun! One of the down sides was discovering the prices of my various textbooks-my archaeology one alone is ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. This week you'll find me desparately trawling online second hand bookstores in an attempt to prevent me from going broke!

In other news:
1. I've started writing in the beautiful new journal that my friend Eleni gave me on my 18th birthday. She wrote an amazing quote made by William Wordsworth on the very first page: "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart". That is precisely what a journal is for. I've been keeping journals since I could put sentences together, and whenever I start a new journal and I'm in that awkward self-conscious phase of trying to sound proper, I remember my policy-If I wouldn't be humilated if someone else read the journal, then I'm not doing it right. A journal needs to be honest, and therefore embarrassing (well in my case anyway). If it's just you trying to sound clever, then it's not going to be much fun reading it in twenty years time! It's also great when you write down things which you're stressed about-I've found writing my problems down to be a good sort of therapy. Usually writing things down makes you realise how stupid it is that you're worring about it so much and makes it easier to move on!
2. Yesterday was one of those terribly shitty days. I woke up at 5.55am to prepare for buying One Direction tickets (don't judge), and at 9.00 when they went on sale the entire website crashed. By the time I had the opportunity to buy them, they had all sold out. Pure poo on toast. Then Mum informed me that my brother was 'sick' (AKA Had a bit of a sore throat and wanted to play the computer game 'Minecraft' all day) so I couldn't walk to the shops to get a coffee. Finally, to top off an insanely boring day indoors because of the weather, I walked into the laundry and literally thought that my 14 year old dog was about to die-he was shaking and his back legs were failing. He's OK now, but it was very scary seeing as though both my parents were at work!
3. I came across an amazing quote yesterday-"He closed his eyes and sank into the warm dusk that separates consciousness and sleep, where reality bends and sways to the wind of thought, and where creativity blossoms in its freedom from boundaries  nd all things are possible". I don't know if it's just me, but I can always tell when I'm on the brink of falling asleep. All of a sudden I start thinking about super, super random things that I don't really have any control over, and that's why I love the quote above so much-it's so accurate!
4. I'm posting my ultimate dinner party guest list tomorrow. It's a bit long...but the more the merrier!

P.S. In the letter that Eleni wrote at the front of my journal, she noted what I wrote here on my blog the day before my 17th birthday last year. "Cars are hilarious...I was on the bus this morning and I honestly couldn't stop laughing. It's people in boxes with wheels". I really do write about life-changing stuff on this blog!