Wednesday, May 23, 2012


CANNOT CONTAIN MY EMOTIONS!!?!!! Why is everyone criticising it (I'm pointing at you, Phoebe)? UMM IT LOOKS KIND OF FREAKING EPIC?!!! All of the castings are perfect, and I was SO surprised as to how amazing Carey Mulligan is as Daisy! Can. Not. Wait.

On a sadder note, I have some a sad story to tell you about (that was a great sentence). It involves over-due library books and the end of my love for my university's library. Yes. I'm talking about library fines. My relationships with libraries are like marriages. I get the library card (marriage ceremony), and we have the 'honeymoon period' where I skip around in a dreamy haze borrowing books that make me look smart and make a pack with myself that I'll read them. Two months pass and they're sitting in the same spot I dropped them when I got home from the library, and a month after that I get the email telling me that they're overdue. We end bitterly, with me hastily returning the books and running off so I don't have to pay the fine, which in turn means that I can't go the library again at risk of being murdered by a librarian (i.e. divorce). That's my current situation with my local library, and I vowed that for my university's library  I would return the books I borrowed for my assignments BEFORE THE DUE DATE. Being me, I didn't. I'm the type of person who only does things when I'm made to, and this is the perfect example. I thought my university library would be like my high school library where you just can't borrow anything until you've returned the overdue book (no fines involved). I was horrifically wrong. A day after my overdue notice for 13 books I borrowed for a couple of assignments, I get an email with the subject 'Library Invoice', stating that I owe $3 for each book (and I had 4 more overdue books that I hadn't returned yet. There goes my love for that library (and the money I was going to buy a Ramones hoodie with...).

That was a long paragraph. I am now off to read The Hunger Games (I'm currently reading it so I can tell my Mum if it's appropriate for my 12 year old brother to read). So far it's OK, but the way she writes is kind of like a year 10 creative. Nevertheless, I was so absorbed in it that I nearly missed my station on the way home, and leaped out of my seat to run out the doors at the last second like an idiot. I bet I looked really cool.

ChlobeWan x