Saturday, June 9, 2012

Long Weekend '12

So it's the Long Weekend, and instead of spending this lovely (but freezing) Saturday night out partying, I'm chained (psychologically, not literally) to my desk in an attempt to revise the content of my Middle Ages unit to avoid a repeat of my Archaeology exam last Wednesday (was a bit of a fail. Literally). Exams are near, and it's a severe case of HSC REVISITED. Kind of looking forward to the big fat month of a break following the exam period.

-The Long Weekend is the one reason why I appreciate the royal family-YAY FOR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!
-If you didn't pick it up from the paragraph above, the Archaeology exam on Wednesday was a classic fail. I had studied pretty solidly and could literally attempt less than half of the questions. Currently awaiting my High Distinction. But hey, ARCHAEOLOGY HAS OFFICIALLY EXITED CHLOE'S LIFE
-I was walking around the library at uni trying to find some books that will aid my studying for my media exam (never found any), and I came across a book called 'The Psychology of Love'. I started reading it on the train and it is so interesting that I began to fold the pages of parts to write about on this blog. I always thought that you couldn't really study 'love', but this book has succeeded in doing so, and in a hilariously interesting way.
-I've openly admitted my hatred for Lana Del Rey, but my friend showed me a girl's cover of 'Video Games' and I absolutely CANNOT get enough of it! This girl should have released the song instead of Lana Del Fish-Lips, because she actually sings it with purpose/gives it meaning. Click here to listen to it! Listen to the whole thing and prepare for amazingness.
-I am now off eat an awesome slow-cooked dinner and watch Midnight in Paris (one of my all-time favourite movies). Be jealous.

Chloe X