Sunday, June 3, 2012


Friday was pretty eventful. Unlike most Fridays, where I head home and snuggle up in bed and watch Pretty in Pink while trawling Tumblr and just be generally anti-social, I ACTUALLY DID STUFF!

In my break from interning I met Phoebe at The Rocks and we went for a wander to find somewhere to quench our hunger (quench in that context doesn't sound right, does it?). We stumbled across what is now one of my favourite places in Sydney. It is a little Irish café called The Tea Cosy, and believe me when I say that as soon as you step inside you feel as though you've somehow left Sydney and have wandered into Dublin. The café has SUCH a homely feel, with the place decked out with Irish paintings, decorations, lanterns, street-signs (in Gaelic) old fireplaces (with little knitted scones in them), with a soundtrack of Irish folk music (click here to hear some and understand the vibe of this café). Oh, and their scones were voted the best in Sydney by the Daily Telegraph. Boy did they deserve that title. They were ABOLUTELY PERFECT, and this is coming from a girl whose Nan can make a killer batch of scones. And what topped off the experience was our tea that came in a tea pot with a knitted tea cosy! So. Cute. NFUJIDNGFKJNGF.

After finishing interning for the day I headed down to Circular Quay to meet a friend at the Opera Bar. I was a bit early, so I wandered around the Quay and checked out the Vivid Festival which is insanely brilliant. Whilst I felt a bit 'forever alone', strolling by myself amongst a sea of couples (huuu needz a man aniwayii the lights are just SO beautiful (and the projections on the Opera House are kind of freaky-it looks like two humans are lying on it!). I then met said friend at Opera Bar, where I had a pretty insanely tasty cocktail called Opera White Tea. One word=Awesomeness.

I am now sitting at my desk hiding away from the rain, studying Archaeology (another exam on Wednesday...), and wondering why everyone is celebrating the 'Jubilee' of a woman who won the sperm pool competition (i.e. The Queen). Got to love how we live in the 21st Century and they still live in palaces, wear tiaras and travel in carriages!

ChloebeWanKenobi x