Monday, January 21, 2013

The one where Chloe tries new things

So there I was, sitting in a very nice Italian restaurant with my grandparents and Phoebe, when I was about to say my order to the waiter.
Phoebe: What are you getting Chloe?
Me: My default Italian order. Spag Bol. Ya know it brah.
Phoebe: Are you joking? Get something else for once? 2013 IS ABOUT TRYING NEW THINGS.

The dialogue above and my actions that followed it are significant for two key reasons. Firstly, I never order anything at Italian other than Spag Bol. It's just what I do. Secondly, the Fettuccine had a mushroom sauce. Anyone who knows me well knows that Chloe and Mushrooms have had a long-running biff since birth. And I ordered a dish with mushroom sauce. I think I deserve some kind of medal or something.

In other news:
1. I saw the movie 'Hitchcock' that same night with my Grandparents. As amazing as the acting performances were, it just wasn't memorable. It was well made, but when it ended and the credits began to roll I wasn't sitting there thinking "WOW MIND BLOWN ZOMG! SAH AMAZING LIFE CHANGED"
2. I started my new job today! IT IS SO MUCH FUN. It went by so fast that before I knew it my first shift was over, and I am now sitting at home awaiting my pasta bake (currently in the oven-yes, I figured out how to turn it on) and Sex and The City.

Chloe x