Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have decided that I will use this space today to declare my love Moochi. "What is Moochi?" I hear you asking from behind your computer screen. Uhmm no big deal-JUST THE MOST AMAZING FROZEN YOGURT AND TOPPING IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AND IT'S SURROUNDINGS. 

For the best and most accurate description of Moochi's insane amazingness, I took to their official Twitter page. They describe it as "Natural frozen yogurt goodness and a guilt free desert". For now, let's forget that their official Twitter page HASN'T spelt dessert "desert" so it sounds like they're talking about a guilt free sandy landscape. The yogurt and the toppings are so completely amazing, and what's better is that YOU FEEL SOMEWHAT HEALTHY WHEN YOU'RE EATING IT BECAUSE IT'S YOGURT AND NOT ICE CREAM! It's a win-win.

My love affair with Moochi began last week when my co-worker was telling me about it and came back to the store with a large one for me. It had coconut and mango flavoured frozen yogurts, with granola and strawberries as toppings. It was love at first sight. #NOREGRETS.

I hope you are all doing well AND that if you live in Australia, you had a pleasant and chill 'Straya Day. I sure did.

Chloe x