Sunday, May 12, 2013


WOW. Boy how it has been to long since I posted here. Please forgive me-because I only have one exam this semester, I have had a myriad of assignments due over the past two weeks, and my last big one is due tomorrow. Because of all of these essays, I had to do this HORRIBLE, DREADFUL and AWFUL thing called PRIORITISING! I had some killer ToDo lists, and I am pleased to say that the one for this week isn't looking to terrible.

 I have SO much to update you all on. While I am off to finish my essay (hello 3000 words), I can promise you that I will have a MEGA-MEGA post up before you know it. This may or may not include my verdict on the best Froyo in town.

Despite Lana not exactly having a soft spot in my heart, I am in love with this song-it is seriously Gatsby in a song. Even though the reviews that I've read for Gatsby have been kind of mixed, I am SO excited to see it. SO SO SO excited.