Friday, May 17, 2013

Up all night to get lucky...

...BEST ALBUM! So many new things have come out/are coming out and I CANNOT HANDLE IT!
My favourite thing that has come out recently is RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES (Daft Punk's amazeballs new album). Before listening to the whole thing on Spotify, I had only really heard Get Lucky which I loved...however upon hearing the entire album, 'Touch' is officially my new favourite song-it is eight minutes of pure perfection. Click here to listen to it. In relation to awesome things that are coming out SOON, I cannot WAIT for Gatsby's release! I have been waiting for its release since the beginning of 2011, when I would stalk Fox Studios in my free periods at school in the hope of seeing the set in all its 1920s glamour, or bumping into any of the amazing cast. The closest I got was the first lot of security gates. That said, while I was inside doing an exam Leo and Toby were being taught how to drive the cars for the movie IN THE PARK OPPOSITE MY SCHOOL. So technically I did get a bit closer than the security gates, even if I wasn't aware of it.

>I love great date nights. Can you go wrong with gelato, a funny show, PERFECT company and late night kebabs? I think not. (You should all head to Gelato Messina right NOW and try their Number Two gelato-I'm talking peanut butter and chunks of gooey brownie. Yeah. You read that right).
>I have officially decided that Moochi is the BEST frozen yoghurt franchise currently in existence. You're probably thinking "WHY?". Well, my friend. Allow me to explain.
Moochi is reasonably priced, the yoghurt has the perfect texture and consistency and they do the BEST toppings. Also, from 3-5pm they have a 'students happy hour' where you get three free toppings for free. That happy hour is perfect for me because I finish work at 4 on Mondays and Fridays! Now you're probably mumbling to yourself "Ummmm well have you even tried Yogurberry???". Yes, I made the fatal mistake of entering the self-served torture chamber that is Yogurberry. I got overly excited by all of the different flavours (so many good flavours-I'll give them that) and the toppings that when it came to weighing it, I paid....wait for it..ELEVEN DOLLARS. ELEVEN. DOLLARS. And it wasn't even that delish anyway. The froyo is a bit too icy, and since I served it, it looked like purple and pink poo with chocolate chips. More like NOgurberry.

I am now off to finish my presentation for my Fascism history unit and continue listening to Random Access Memories. The usual. Just, you know, staying inside being a hermit when the weather is absolutely PERFECT right now.

Love 'youse all,

Chlobewan x